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Launch – A Shared Commitment to Advancing High-Quality & Equitable Pathways

Advance CTE Executive Director Kate Kreamer connects the Launch Initiative to Advance CTE’s vision in which there exists “a career preparation ecosystem that offers each learner access to and the means to succeed in any high-quality CTE program or experience that leads to success in their career of choice.”

Delaware Pathways and The Big Blur on NBC Nightly News

A spotlight by NBC Nightly News on  Delaware Pathways. We need to respond to what learners and workers are telling us. This piece also features Jobs for the Future (JFF)‘s Joel Vargas discussing the need to transform the traditional high-school-to-college structure of our country’s education system and how The Big Blur is the key to doing just that.

The Big Blur: Recent State Legislative Priorities Embrace Cross-System Collaboration to Support Students

Featuring legislation that reflects meaningful progress on and demonstrable commitment to addressing the future of work in high school, improving data collection and transparency, streamlining the transitions between secondary and postsecondary, supporting career exposure in middle school with clear information about available multiple pathways, and investing in early college programs and initiatives to engage employers in pathways development and work-based learning experiences. Launch sites featured: Colorado, Illinois, and Tennessee.

National Partnership Seeks to Scale Innovative Career Pathway Programs

An article on Insight into Diversity that provides an overview of the equity focus of the Launch initiative.

A Clear Vision and A Shared Commitment: LAUNCHing Equitable Access to Pathways

Casey Wrenn, Director Career Readiness at Education Strategy Group and the Initiative Director of Launch shares the vision behind the initiative.

OPINION: Post-pandemic, let’s develop true education-to-workforce pathways to secure a better future

An opinion piece by Matt Gandal, President and CEO of Education Strategy Group (ESG) with input from the Launch partners on how it is time to change how we are thinking about education.

Education Done Right Is Good Economic Policy

Matt Gandal, President and CEO of Launch partner Education Strategy Group (ESG) examines how education can be a stronger driver of economic mobility

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